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Hiram’s Edge Masonic Education

Hiram’s Edge is a program designed by Kevin D. Flynn to help Masonic lodges build WordPress websites, use social media for communication and promotions, and implement email marketing programs. Though targeted to Freemasons, most of the material covered in Hiram’s Edge is also useful to small and medium sized business owners.

Hiram’s Edge offers a combination of published resources, one-on-one coaching, and live online classes. Each of the class modules is published on the website after the classes are complete.

View all class videos at

Here’s what you can learn how to do with Hiram’s Edge:

  • Build a WordPress website
  • Create a Social Media Presence
  • Set up an Email Marketing Program
  • Plan and Promote Events
  • Develop and Maintain Vendor Relationships
  • Manage Personnel and Financial Resources
  • Research and Sell to Target Markets
  • Automate your Processes

These modern “working tools” are just the beginning of the Hiram’s Edge program. The mission of the project is to provide a venue to learn and the resources to teach how to market and grow a lodge or small business.

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